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Mobile Software Development Specialists

​We love Polymorph. The incredible quality of their work speaks for itself - what they do include: native and hybrid app development, UI and UX design, HTML5 development, as well as M2M and IoT tech. Whatever they do - they do well. But it’s how they do it that excites us the most.

At Polymorph, the focus is on the user at every point, testing assumptions, and building on review. The team works remotely and understand the incredible importance of effective and transparent communication, and understand the value of enabling asynchronous communication.

We’re excited to see what your future holds Polymorph!


Posted on April 29 2016 by Mel van der Linde
Melanie has brains in her head and feet in her shoes. She is the most organised person on the planet and keeps the team and suppliers in check.

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