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Find out what are your dreams worth: Move up

OLX’s new ad tells a beautiful and compelling story about why we should use their platform. It’s draw, however, is not merely aesthetic, but goes even deeper, to the more psychological relationship we have with our things. It only implicitly hints at what the platform does (online classifieds), and what we can do with it (buy and sell the stuff we do or don’t want), but the explicit takeaway is that it enables those who use it to upgrade and “move up”. This is a far cry from “sell it”, their previous campaign, which told us what the platform does.

It’s now a place where we can become our dreams, our true selves even. Selling or buying stuff is almost non-existent in this TVC – the young man looking for a guitar get’s handed it as though it were always meant to be his. It get’s passed to him by it’s previous owner more like an heirloom than a second-hand economic good. Playing in this territory, OLX hints at the difference between value and worth (in the economic sense). In other words, OLX is a matchmaker finding you the deal worthy of your dreams.

With this ad it’s clear that OLX understands why it’s in business, and we at UNO take our hats off to them.

We love working with these guys.

Watch the ad

Posted on June 06 2016 by Lee Blake
Lee has a fresh way of looking at things, driven by his constant hunger for discovering different approaches, information and points of view.

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