Does the market need it?

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Imagine their was some way to test product market need?

​We believe strongly in the horse-cart order of things. We also believe strongly that start up founders in the tech space have confused what exactly it is that they’re starting up. So many of them believe that they have “Tech Startups”. They have a great app idea or website idea, and begin building it. They also, for some reason, decide that they need to build the entire thing, end to end, based on what they believe the market wants. We didn’t just make the Titanic and throw it in the sea. First we noticed that a log floated. Then we carved out a tree to make sitting space and noticed that even though the tree sunk into the water a bit, the water didn’t come into the air cavity because of the walls of what we now call a boat. Then we made it out of steel, based on our learnings, and were able to make a bigger one. Then we made a steam engine and whacked that on.

Rinse. Evaluate. Repeat. Progress.

It took a long time for man to progress to a point where they could build something as opulent and massive as the Titanic. Based on all of the learnings, and all of the testings, the need for such a boat and the supply of said boat developed over time, through millions of tiny iterations. Not iterations in ideas, but iterations of actual (sometimes) working prototypes.

The article that you’re about to read lists the top 20 reasons start ups fail, and reason number one is why we work with Pilot Labs, an ideas to MVP lab. Because we believe in testing stuff before we build the Titanic. Make sure you know what floats and what doesn’t before you build a boat. And even once you’ve learnt all your lessons in the world about boat building, make sure you’ve got the best Iceberg watchman around to man your crows nest.

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Posted on April 28 2016 by Stephen van der Heijden
Stephen is the founder of UNO Digital. He loves digital products, digital people, and people in the digital world.

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