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Finally, someone wrote EVERYTHING there is to know about VR and where it's going. And the answer seems to be a Magic Leap

​We’re a front-edge company. We help people bridge the gap between their current selves and their digital future-selves. Whether that means taking a magazine and helping them get their readers to their website, or helping an existing mobile product juggle the strange ways that different African countries are using their services. Even more so, we love taking our clients to the true edge of digital and right now nothing says cutting edge like VR - or so we thought. If you’ve got a good half an hour, read this super-dooper interesting article. You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll start to really question why you’re not playing in this space yet.

Then you will understand just how fundamental virtual reality technology will be, and why businesses like Magic Leap have an opportunity to become some of the largest companies ever created.

Check out the article

Posted on April 24 2016 by Stephen van der Heijden
Stephen is the founder of UNO Digital. He loves digital products, digital people, and people in the digital world.

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