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We feel strongly that UX is way more than just UI, and nothing makes that clearer than the rise in audible interfaces.

I’ve always wanted to make an app for commuters. People spend hours of every day in their car with their eyes (at least supposed to be) locked on the road and with the radio as their only friend. Screens have a limit to how often they can be safely used, which is why the secret service use audio communication to avoid distraction. It’s also the purist’s way of communicating – there’s no font that could distract you, no mobile responsiveness issues, and no banner advertising. We believe that audio is the future of UX, and that it’s going to arrive very soon. Let’s, for a second, forget about AI as a prerequisite for audio’s market share (like in the movie Her) – all it needs to do is adequately replace a GUI.

Check out this article by Jon Li for his thoughts - What if the Future of Technology is in Your Ear?

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Posted on April 25 2016 by Stephen van der Heijden
Stephen is the founder of UNO Digital. He loves digital products, digital people, and people in the digital world.

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