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HTC Vive's teaser campaign "Get Vive ready" is pretty cool

As most of us will know, the much anticipated HTC Vive is almost here. To hold you over until it arrives, feast your eyes on this neatly executed, albeit slightly bizarre interactive HTC Vive teaser campaign. The premise is that you could win a Vive – if you can prove you’re ready for it.

First, go to their website via the link at the bottom of this page form your desktop, then sync up your smartphone. Once synced, you’ll find yourself going through a series of trials, which, if you can successfully overcome, will show the folks over at HTC that you’re a worthy candidate (Warning: spoilers ahead). Your first challenge is to avoid one of my favourite oven baked projectiles, the pizza, which is being hurled at you from a delivery van. You can avoid the decapitating delicacies by using a slicing action with your phone in hand during a David Woo style car chase through the city (did we say this was a little bizarre and maybe even a little cheesy?)

We love it when there is a enough overall concept to tie over a campaign so that the execution can get away with a little nonsensical fun (although, there might be more than is necessary in this example).

Go head an check the rest of the tease for yourself and do let us know if you become a winner.

Get Re-Vived

Posted on April 25 2016 by Lee Blake
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