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A labour of love: Catchatiger Design

We love working with Catchatiger Design, a self-described boutique design agency. They do all kinds of awesome stuff, like hand-drawn or digital illustration, design, traditional letterpress typography and web development. But, that’s not all, they have more impressively and consistently blown us away with their slick animations, 3D models, games and VR projects.

They’re a handful of passionate and innovative creatives who love what they do, and that’s what we’re into. This attitude is palpable, because working with Catchatiger doesn’t ever feel like work.

Below are a few examples of their labours of love.

Flat animation

3D Design and Animation

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Posted on April 07 2016 by Lee Blake
Lee has a fresh way of looking at things, driven by his constant hunger for discovering different approaches, information and points of view.

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