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Sifting through the spam to measure the right metrics

This article form Carlos Escalera perfectly explains how to clean the crap out of your Google Analytics data.

Because what you see isn’t always what you get.

He explains the process in three easy-to-follow steps:

1. Protecting your data
2. Stopping spam, bots and internal traffic from skewing your numbers
3. Cleaning historical data with views and segments

Ohow also conveniently keeps the article up to date, which ensures that the most recent crawlers and spam bots are included in their very comprehensive list.

We religiously implement the steps above to our client’s data – because measuring the wrong thing can be much more detrimental than not measuring anything at all!

Show me how to clean my Google Analytics!

Posted on August 23 2016 by Mel van der Linde
Melanie has brains in her head and feet in her shoes. She is the most organised person on the planet and keeps the team and suppliers in check.

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