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How to get to tomorrow first

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is exactly that we do here at UNO. And I came to the conclusion that I like to think of UNO as a rocket. Because rockets are awesome, brute momentum machines (and because I read a lot of Tin Tin as a kid). One of the first things you need to know about rockets is the “rocket equation”, derived by the renowned Russian rocket scientist Tsiolkovsky. He argued that rockets are governed by just three variables. Most interesting [excitedly licks spittle from corners of mouth] is that if two of these variables are given the third is implied [self-consciously repositions glasses on bridge of nose].

I’ll try not to bore you too much with the details, so I’ll reduce everything you need to know into the following sentence. The variables “change in rocket velocity”, “exhaust velocity” and the propellant needed, together are able to break and free us from gravity. The OG of tyrants. Original Gravity, if you will.

Just like the “rocket equation”, UNO too has three variables by which it is governed, of which we also believe that, given two, the third must be present. These are V-shaped People, Square Deals and The Circle of Life. It is our goal to harness these in order to free us and our clients from another ye olde type of tyranny – the tyranny of today, along with its fear-inducing henchman, conservatism.

The amount of energy required for a rocket to fight tyrants like these depends, like all revolutionary travel does, on your destination. In UNO’s case, we have set course for tomorrow, because we don’t want to wait for it to come to us. This will take an immense amount of patience and courage as propellant, the likes of which not one of us alone could possibly possesses – but, at the very least, two of us might.

To get there at a quicker rate we would also need more like-minded individuals producing more of this fuel; those banner carriers already within established organisations who believe in the promise of innovation and progress. These are the unique individuals who see value in the tension between the safety of today and the promise of tomorrow, .

And that’s what I think we’re doing here. Our dream is to be the first to explore the cosmos of tomorrow. We want to discover and embrace the future, using today what others will only know of tomorrow; and, if this gets you more excited than scared, then it’s clear you’re already on board. A luta continua, vitória é certa!

Posted on October 20 2016 by Lee Blake
Lee has a fresh way of looking at things, driven by his constant hunger for discovering different approaches, information and points of view.

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