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What is Growth Hacking?

It's about consistently finding the most efficient ways to grow your business.


"Growth" for your business means more profit, which could mean having to generate more leads for your sales team, getting more users on your digital platform, or creating a bigger audience
for your brand.


"Hacking" is the art of rapid experimentation through processes like A/B testing on social media or your webpage, and then monitoring results with in-depth analytics, so that speedy execution on learnings can take place.

What we do

Depending on where you are in your growth cycle, we offer different service packages. Check them out below:

Get a bigger audience


Using SEO, Adwords, Paid and organic social traffic, and viral and referral campaigns, we outline how to rapidly test the market and get the biggest audience for the least amount
of money.

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Turn the audience into customers

Conversion Improvement

It’s time to convert that audience. We do this by making it easier for them to produce the behaviour you want them to – to keep them coming back, to perform a cart check out, to engage more, or to refer you to their friends.

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Scale efficiently

Automating and Integrating

Once you've discovered which tools, processes and hacks result in effective, rapid growth for your business, it's time to combine and automate these pieces of your winning formula to scale that growth efficiently.

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Tools of our trade

We're a multiskilled team that use a range of different tools to test growth strategies for your business. We combine all of the tools below into a holistic growth program to scale your business.


Social Media

Paid Media

Web Development


A/B Testing

Lead Generation

Content Execution

Who we are

These are the awesome people that make up UNO

Stephen van der Heijden

Product | Analytics | Development

Stephen is the founder of UNO Digital. He loves digital products, digital people, and people in the digital world.

Mel van der Linde

Paid Media (Adwords Certified) | Social | Project Management

Melanie has brains in her head and feet in her shoes. She is the most organised person on the planet and keeps the team and suppliers in check.

Lee Blake

Content | Copy | Strategy

Lee has a fresh way of looking at things, driven by his constant hunger for discovering different approaches, information and points of view.

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